The Outbound Collective

The Outbound Collective is a community of adventures from all over the World, sharing their stories and spreading the excitement of the outdoors through a website with beautiful photography. There are so many cool features about this website, for example, you can find an adventure close to you, make a wish list of outdoor activities, follow your favorite explorer, create your own profile and upload your own adventures.

Photo cred: Explorer @irockutah
Photo cred: Explorer @irockutah

Finding an adventure

To find an adventure you just need to type the name of the area you are looking to explore and TOC shows a map and many options of activities to do in that region.

When you find the activity you are looking for, you can choose to add it to a list (or create a new one) and invite your friends to join you.

Besseggen Ridge, photo cred: @katchsilva
Besseggen Ridge, photo cred: @katchsilva

The Explorer Program

The Explorer Program, is a team of outdoor people, professionals or not, who have a passion for the outdoors and explore the world (or their backyard) searching for new adventures. They have a profile on the website where they share their trips with amazing photos and great tips. You can follow your favorites Explorers by clicking on the “follow” button on their profile.

Your own profile

Create your own profile, upload your adventures, make a wish list, joint the team.

The Outbound Journal

In the Journal section you will find all kinds of content related to the outdoors, such as the best backcountry recipes, best adventures with your dog, best winter climbings, etc.



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