She Explores

I’m a woman and I’ve traveled solo many times. And will keep doing it as much as I like. I can put up a tent (ok, that’s easy), make my own fire and open beers by smashing it on the table. I feel like a badass woman when I’m camping solo.

But this post is not about the things I can or can’t do, is about being a women explorer and the lessons we learn out there. Lessons about ourselves, about connection to Nature, about empowerment of our feminine energy.

My friend Ali Kala, who volunteered with me at Project Woo in Nicaragua and also shares the same passion for the outdoors, introduced me to She Explores, a website that beautifully showcase stories of women on the road and female artists that combine love for the outdoors and art. It’s simply a delight.

Heather Hillier enjoying the morning view. Photo by Matty Hannon.
download (1)
Explorer Megan McDuffie cooking breakfast on the road.
Art by Madison Perrins


I feel extremely inspired by She Explores and my deepest desire is to see more and more women out there camping, hiking, biking, surfing, exploring, enjoying life with Nature. Being empowered, feeling like a super feminine badass!

Oh, the main image of this post is Heather Hillier featured at She Explores.



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