Mexico – Baja California

Last weekend I had my last trip before going back to Brazil. We decided to cross the border and go to Baja California – Mexico. I’d heard so much about this place, beautiful beaches, amazing waves, great tacos and you can legally drink beer at the beach. That’s the American dream I guess, or maybe just Californian.

We left San Diego around 8pm, and hit the border in 20 minutes. It was not so busy, nobody stopped us, not even asked for my passport. I was surprised how easy it was.

As soon as you start driving on Mexican side, you can see the change on the architecture, structures, smells, colors, so different. Just made me think how crazy is a “border” and what that means. How two countries are so different when they are so close. One wall, one immigration building and some military personal define where one world ends and other starts.

I’m from Brazil, but been in the U.S. for the last 6 months kind of get me used to a level of organization and safety on the streets. As I crossed the border I just had a warm up of what’s waiting for me when I get home next week.

Arriving around 10pm at San Miguel Campground, It was just enough time to put up a tent and have a couple of beers with some friends who were already there waiting for us.

The campground is right at the beach and costs U$12/day per car. There is one toilet with shower, but I wouldn’t recommend using the shower. The water is quite smelly and I’m not sure where it comes from. No picnic table, but there is a firepit. But remember to buy firewood on the way.

The waves were 3-4ft, glassy in the morning and windy in the afternoon. The bottom is rocky, so you have to go slow and careful to go out and back if you’re not using boots. Our friend had a nasty cut under his feet.

On Sunday, we woke up early and started to put our tents down, we didn’t want to hit traffic at Tijuana border. We stopped to eat breakfast tacos at El Trailero, so good! By the time we hit the border, we already got stuck in traffic, took us almost 2 hours to cross it. There are so many sellers taking advantage of the traffic jam, you can buy souvenirs, food and drinks while you wait. We had churros!

This time at the border they asked me for my passport, but it was quite smooth despite the time spent waiting in line. Remember you can’t bring food (produce) back to the U.S.

Back in San Diego before noon I got my truck and drove back to L.A.









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