Proyecto BarriGuiones – Costa Rica

In 2014 I traveled to Costa Rica and I had the chance to meet Gerardo Bolaños, a young local surfer who manages an environmental project in Playa Guiones – Nosara, the BarriGuiones project.


Playa Guiones is one of very few places in the World (there are only 8!) where the Lora Turtle lays eggs, but due to the expansion of livestock in that area, huge part of the forest disappear, including the vegetation that provided perfect environment for Lora Turtles eggs thrive into baby turtles.

What happened?

Gerardo explains that turtles were dying due to lack of shade, and then they stop coming to Playa Guiones. Also other animals who lived there had to flee to another place searching for food. That’s when he decided to create Barriguiones aiming to restore the native forest so the Lora Turtles can come back and also all the other species that once lived there, bringing back Nature’s balance.

He’s created a nursery with over 1000 seedlings and with help from locals and tourists volunteers, is reforestating Playa Guiones coast recreating the environment Lora Turtle needs to thrive.


Gerardo is a Costa Rican surfer, biologist and environmentalist. And a great example of grassroot activism.


Protect the places you love.



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