Italy: Venice-Viareggio-Pisa-Cinqueterre in 2 days

So, brother and I got a little bored here in Mirano and decided to rent a car for 2 days trying to find some waves. The forecast was not looking good, 2ft if we’re lucky. Anyways just the idea of roadtripping and going out in the water was enough to get me really excited. We drove 900 km in 2 days, from Venice to Viareggio, Pisa, Cinqueterre National Park then back to Mirano.

Wednesday 6am. Wake up! 

Bike to Mira-Mirano train station. Take the train to Mestre Station, take the bus to Marco Polo Airport, take the shuttle to Interrent Car Rental office. Uff.

After couple of hours driving around trying to find a USB charger that would fit in the car lighter (and then find out that the car lighter was broken), we finally hit the road.

Boards on the road.

We drove straight to Viareggio hoping to find some waves. After 3:40hr drive we arrived at the beach, but no waves there. We kept driving north along the coast until Marina di Pietrasanta Pier where we found little something. Surf was small, windy and messy. But we didn’t care!

Where is Wally?

After surf we drove back to Viareggio and got some pizza, we did a little wander around town and like everywhere in Italy, so charming!

After dinner we drove to Pisa where we’d booked 2 beds at Hostel Pisa Tower, the closest hostel to the tower, so we could wake up and go there first thing in the morning.

Thursday 730am. Wake up!

Pay for the parking spot, check-out, breakfast and head to Pisa Tower, just 5 minutes walk.

Let me ask one question: why 9 out of 10 people take picture pretending they are holding the Tower? Why?!

Tourist being creative. NOT.

Summer in Europe is crazy crowded, specially in such turistic spot. We left before 10am and drove to Marina di Pisa, I reckoned we could find some surf there, if we’re lucky. But there wasn’t. It was flat and beautiful. The beach is rock bottom and there is a natural swimming pool open to public, which is awesome here in Italy! As most of the beaches I’ve seen so far are private 😦

Scales and natural swimming pool in Marina di Pisa.

So many scales in Italy! Well, I guess because all this amazing food here, we should better watch out.

Next stop: Cinqueterre.

Ciqueterre is UNESCO protected territory, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Little towns built over the cliffs, the houses painted in pastel colours facing the ocean are an eye sore. We visited Manarola and Monterosso al Mare. So beautiful.

Manarola – Cinqueterre National Park


Tourists swim and dive at this natural pool.


Monterosso al Mare.

The drive back home took us 4h.

It was tiring but so rewarding!! Thanks brother for doing all the driving while I was busy trying to find a radio station 😉


2 days car rental: 85 euros for a Panda. Supplyer: Interrent.

Tolls: around 60 euros total. So expensive!

1 night lodging: 24 euros per person.

Parking: 8 euros (paid street parking in Viareggio, Pisa and Parking lot in Cinqueterre).

Ps. I’m selling a USB charger for car lighter if anyone interested.






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