When I Workawayed in Portugal

Italy is amazing, but I was given one month holiday where I could travel anywhere in Europe. I was a little bored in Mirano so I chose to go to Portugal and do work exchange via Workaway.  I found this ad about a surf lodge right at the beach and contacted the owner thru Workaway website, Richard replied quite immediate and soon we had arranged my one month job in Portugal. yeeewww!

I was so stoked to be heading to the beach again, do some volunteer work and suuuurf!!

I arrived in Lisboa and it was so weird to hear people speaking portuguese… but different haha. You know what they say about Brazilian vs. Portuguese? Well if you don’t now, let’s say that we love to make fun of each other, and sometimes it’s not funny at all.

Richard picked me up at a bus station in Torres Vedras, 2 hours north from Lisbon, on the way to the lodge he was talking 120 words per minute, ok he is Welsh. I might have understood 60% of what he said, the other 40% I was nodding and smiling, the Universal language meaning “I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

As we arrived at the Lodge, a building right at the edge of a cliff facing the Ocean, I met my other 2 co-workers: Jimmy, a Costa Rican Chef Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter and Declan, a sweet Australian Surf Instructor.

Jimmy, Declan and Richard “da Boss”

The Surf Lodge wasn’t in a very good shape, very dirty, It was almost as if I could hear it screaming for some maintenance “help!”. The spot couldn’t be more perfect, there was NOTHING between us and the Ocean.

Cloudy day at the Surf Lodge

I spent a few days working there, cleaning (a lot! I’m Brazilian!), surfing and having a lot of fun with the boys (Jimmy and Declan). But as we were “too far out” from anywhere else, I felt a bit too isolated and the idea of being stuck at that cliff started to bother me.

There was this one day when Richard gave us a day off and we all jumped on the van and headed to a little surf trip! We went to many surf spots I have always wanted to see, like Supertubos, it was a beautiful day!! We ended up in Baleal where we had a lot of fun surfing!

Baleal Beach – Day off!

My stay with Richard and the boys at Sizandro Surf Lodge was short, after 10 days I decided to leave. It was a great experience but It was time to move on and try to find a real job.

I went to Lisbon to meet a friend of mine who was in Europe for a few days, she took the weekend off and we went touristing all around Lisbon. But this story is my next post 😉




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